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Retail Void Analysis

Buxton Retail Site Assessment

The City of Suisun City retained The Buxton Company to prepare an inpartial analysis of the City and its market area for a variety of retail and restaurant enterprises.

The industry leader in customer analytics, The Buxton Company analyzed

  • A primary trade area within a defined drive-time of the City's center
  • Customers within the trade were segmented according to buying habits and lifestyles
  • A segmentation profile of the City's customers within the trade area was developed

The resulting Customer Profile is a snapshot of the customers that reside in Suisun City's trade area. Even though these customers are complex and diverse, by using a variety of databases Buxton is able to capture and catalogue the extent to which potential demand of retailer's goods and services are concentrated in the trade area.

>> Download the assessment in pdf format >>

For more information on retail opportunities, contact Economic Development Director Jason Garben at jgarben@suisun.com or call 707-421-7309.

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