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Suisun City’s Smart Growth Story

From the Bay Area's least desirable community in the late 1980s, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Suisun City today is:

Suisun City Waterfront District 1987 Suisun City Waterfront District 2009

A True Transformation

The renaissance that Suisun City's Waterfront District is experiencing today did not happen by accident.  Community leaders set out a clear plan and doggedly stood by it during tough economic times.  The vision of a new Suisun City waterfront was born from the desire to recapture the City's historic role as a regional maritime center, preserve its character and update it for a new century.  Done right, the waterfront would become an economic engine for the community that would endure financial cycles.  That vision is coming true.

The Suisun City Waterfront Distict is a walkable mix of housing, office space, restaurants and services clustered around a magnificant waterway. With 12 unique, independent, family-owned restaurants offering a worldwide variety of cuisines, Suisun City is fast becoming a dining destination. The initial vision of a waterfront hotel came true in 2009 when the Hampton Inn & Suites opened in Suisun City.

While projects remain to be completed, opportunities abound in Suisun City.  Rather than fashion a one-size fits all approach to business development, Suisun City works hard to weave good ideas into an overall fabric that is the redevelopment of our entire community.

The goal is simple: Become the top destination for regional dining, entertainment and shopping.  Join us in making Suisun City all that she can be.

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