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Suisun in the News

23 Dec 2013

The Horton Bath Collection Opens in Harbor Square

By Barry Eberling, Daily Republic

SUISUN CITY — Julie Broussard started making soaps and related products in the mid-1990s because she wanted to give gifts that the recipients would value.

A hobby turned into a business. Broussard recently opened The Horton Bath Collection in Harbor Square near the waterfront. Horton is her maiden name.

“I wanted to be somewhere where there was visibility,” Broussard said. “But also, I like downtown here. I think it has a nice, old-family feel, like a small-town feel.”

She wants The Horton Bath Collection to look like an old Victorian store. That’s fitting for a shop close to the Victorian homes of Old Town, Suisun City.

People can buy all sorts of soaps at the store, with scents ranging from coffee to lavender to bay rum to sweet roses. They can buy bubble baths and tea and lotions and body washes and cologne.

It’s not the first time Broussard has run a business. She started The Horton Collection in Fairfield in about 1999 and ran it until 2003.

She was doing double-duty, since she also worked for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. But she didn’t mind cooking up soaps for her store when she got home. She listened to music as the room filled with the various soap-making fragrances.

“I had something relaxing to do after working in the Sheriff’s Department all day long and commuting,” Broussard said.

She sees her products as providing relaxation for the users as well.

“You can turn your bathroom into your own little sanctuary, your own little refuge,” Broussard said.

Her job with the Sheriff’s Department got busier and Broussard gave up the store. In 2008, she gave up soap making when her sister Jacqueline died. Jacqueline had done such things as take Broussard’s soaps to her office, resulting in requests from co-workers for the various products.

“She was like my biggest supporter,” Broussard said. “That just really devastated me. So I stopped for awhile.”

But she also knew her sister would want her to continue with the endeavor. She retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2012 and after a half-year or so decided to open another store. Once again, she went with the name Horton.

“I wanted to use my family name in honor of my parents and my sister Jacqueline,” she said.

The Horton Bath Collection is located at 700 Main Street, Suite 116. It is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. For more information, visit their Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheHortonBathCollection, go to www.hortonbathcollection.com or call 425-SOAP.

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