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Permits and Applications

We're Here to Help

Starting any business can be a complex and risky venture even when everything goes precisely to plan.

Suisun City's Economic Development Department understands what it takes to launch or relocate a business whether it is in an office, retail space, mixed use building, or home.  Our commitment is to build a vibrant and stable local economy one business at a time, if necessary.  We're here to help make your business dreams a reality.

Our Economic Development Department is available to discuss your specific ideas and needs then tailor a solution that will result in a win for your venture and for Suisun City as a community.

Below we offer links to a handful of over-the-counter permits and information.

But if you think you may need use permits, major planning review, financial assistance or site locating help, let us know. Help us understand your vision so we can walk you through the process.

We're committed to providing a concierge level of customer service that will make you very thankful you decided to locate in Suisun City.


General Applications & Information

Alarm Permit Application: The Alarm Permit notifies the Police Department of active alarm systems within City limits and is necessary to use an alarm system whether residential or commercial per City Ordinance 9.24.120

Business License Application: All businesses are required to obtain a Business License to operate within City limits by filing the Business License Application along with all necessary documents with the Administrative Department.

Business License Fee Schedule

Home Occupation Permit: Businesses operating from a residential building must complete the Home Occupation Permit application to ensure compliance with City code Section 18.44.100 through 18.44.130. If you have any questions on home business, call the Suisun City Community Development Department at (707) 421-7335.

Water Service Application

Water & Sewer Rate Sheet

Worker’s Compensation Exemption Form 

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