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Main Street West Partners

“As a real estate developer in Suisun City, Main Street West Partners is exposed to many businesses in the form of tenants, neighbors and vendors of our numerous developments, including Suisun Harbor Square.  The advantage that Suisun City businesses have over others in our region, is that ALL legally-operating businesses, both large and small, receive the same positive support from the City’s elected officials and staff.  The City recognizes that local businesses and the revenue they generate are vital for completing public projects and improving the health, safety and vibrancy of its citizens.  The term “business friendly” truly applies in Suisun City." 

                                                                                                                                 ~Frank Marinello, Principal

Basin Street Hospitality

“The most impressive thing about working with Suisun City was the sense of partnership and working toward a common goal.  City Staff and elected officials made it clear from the beginning what they wanted in a waterfront hotel, but they were also willing to listen, be flexible, and work within the economic constraints involved.  In addition, City staff members were always on the same page and worked hard to honor the City’s commitments to the project.  Overall, Suisun City ranks among the best cities to work with in the Bay Area.” 

                                                                                         ~Paul Andronico, General Counsel

Hampton Inn & Suites, Suisun City Waterfront

“Suisun City is not only a great place to live but also a dynamic venue for business.  We opened our Hampton Inn & Suites on October 7th and it has been a great pleasure doing so in Suisun City.  I said “our” hotel on purpose.  Working in Suisun City is like working with a big family.  There is one interest and one interest only:  What can be done that is best for the city, its businesses and all of its residents.  The waterfront is a clear example of not only the vision but also a symbol of how efficient business is conducted.   The City of Suisun City has been supportive and the staff is quick, knowledgeable and friendly.   I therefore believe that to do business in Suisun City is an investment into tomorrow.  It is a cutting edge environment that will soon be a place of great interest to those that will want to join the greatest destination in Solano County! " 

                                                                                                                   ~Hartmut Ott, General Manager

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